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2018 - A Year In Review

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors and donors who have made these activities and events possible!

  • Brush Clearing at CMDTRA/Cardinet Oaks - 30 hours (sample)
  • Pony club weekend event support - 15 hours at CMDTRA
  • Horsemanship weekend at CMDTRA - 15 hours
  • CMDTRA Dressage arena clean up/ tree removal - 50 hours
  • Bleacher donation - Valued at $3000
  • Bleacher paint, project support - 100 hours
  • Kennedy Meadows horse camping trip
  • Porta potty (what was the name of the trail clearing group a month ago?) $233
  • Advise Tri-City horseman's Association - 5 hours
  • NATRC youth rider donation - $65
  • NATRC raffle gifts $275
  • $2000 donated in part by a grant received from Bay Area Barns and Trails, to support the Eagle Scout and picnic area projects at CMDTRA.
  • $100 donation to the Tevis Cup.
  • $150 donation to Tri Cities for a panel for their arena.
  • $100 donation to the North Bay Fire- Horse Rescue.